Learn with Hammy and Friends is a new concept to educate your children during this crisis. It will keep them entertained and most importantly they will learn from it.

These are all free to use worksheets, however, if you want to there is an option to donate whatever sum you like, as a thank you.

Key Stage 2

English Worksheets

Prefixes and Suffixes

Adjectives, Verbs & Nouns

Metaphors & Similies

Onomatopoeia & Personification

Synonyms & Antonyms

Writing Paper

Maths Worksheets

Negative Numbers

Prime Numbers

Squared & Cubed Numbers

Addition & Subtraction

Multiplication & Division

Problem Solving

Rounding and Estimating

Basic Algebra

Science Worksheets


Life Cycles & Reproduction

States of Matter

Forces and Motion

Light and Sound

Perimeter & Area

Data Handling

Finding Averages